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The Block Print

Also known as woodblock printing, it has its roots in China before 220 AD, used to print decorative patterns on fabrics. Then, in India in the 12th century, it became a specialized craft technique, using natural dyes and hand-carved wooden seals. The designs, influenced by nature and local culture, have endured throughout the centuries. Although modern technology has advanced, Block Print is still valued for its authenticity and artistic quality, being an appreciated alternative in the slow fashion movement. It is more than a stamping technique; It is an expression of culture and artisanal tradition that has stood the test of time .


A Kantha woven jacket is an artisanal garment with a rich cultural history, originating from Bengal. Made from cotton or silk and decorated with colorful threads, each jacket features unique embroidery designs that can include floral, animal and folklore motifs. They are often reversible and vary in style from modern to looser fits. The construction is laborious, combining decoration and padding to give texture and warmth. Practical and comfortable, these jackets require delicate care, ideally hand washing. They represent not only fashion but also the tradition and craftsmanship of Bengal.